Rucker de México, S.A. de C.V. was founded in 1996 with the main focus to assure an efficient control of quality for the product of bee’s honey becoming more and more important for keeping up with European and North American standard demands and requirements, and is a well-experienced Mexican company in the process of blending and trading honey.

The most essential quality analysis on residues to be performed in our laboratories and to be confirmed by external and independent laboratories prior to export shipments.

It is located in the village of Tres Marias, Huitzilac, Acdo. de Morelos, holding a processing plant there on the spot with most modern equipment, all machines for homogenization, blending etc. and tanks for sedimentation made of stainless steel and working on the basis of German technology, that allows for processing the honey fully up to local as well as to export standards, both in quality and innocuousness of the product.

At the same time, however, the company takes care of distributing protein alimentation for bees (‘RuckerFood’) that is recommended to the beekeeper as an additional food in times when nectar might become scarce or lacks at all, and as well we offer any kind of beekeepers’ material, as gloves, vails and other protection equipment. Furthermore hives going along with other apicultural products, mainly all the stainless steel equipment that the innocuousness standards demand for to avoid any contamination of the honey.

Last but not least it remains to be mentioned that our company is trained to render any service and support to the beekeeper and/or beekeeping organisations either in view of technology and on ‘Good Beekeeping Practice’ for guaranteeing good qualities and keeping the honey free from any contamination, giving advice on the control of any possible bees’ diseases, informing about alternatives on the trade and export of the product – if necessary and upon clients’ request. Assistance on how to design and layout honey extracting and processing plants in accordance with the official innocuousness standards can be procured as well.

Rucker de México S.A. de C.V - AV. Lazaro - Cardenas No. 57 - Tres Marias - Huitzilac, Morelos - C.P. 62515 - México
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