Being a manufacturer of all kinds of products from Applesauce – through Baby Food, Cakes, Ham, Sausages, etc. – to Zesty Chicken Wings, you’ll be well aware of the many-faceted properties and uses of natural bee’s honey.

Our company was founded in 1996 and is specialized in honey and other apicultural products - we are in a position to resort to a number of associated European companies and take advantage of their experience gained in more than 100 years of activities in this branch of trade, who render their assistance and support to us. We have a honey processing plant of our own. in Tres Marias, Morelos in the vicinity of Mexico City, D.F. with a capacity of 3.000 tons p.a. and we are always open for new contacts. And: we would be pleased to number you among our clientele as well!

Our special features are:

  • Direct and long-existing contacts in all countries of origin
  • Permanent presence in markets of all origins
  • Quality control and supervision of the goods from origin via storage and classification up to delivery
  • Delivery of merchandise ready for use under consideration of any individual industrial requirement
  • Short-term deliveries as well as contracts for the entire annual demand are no problem for us
  • Packaging according to customers requirements in jars or squeezers, buckets, drums as well as larger quantities in 1.400,0 kg-IBC and road tankers of up to 25 tons net

In addition to this we are, of course, open for any new requirements and ideas and would like to find for your firm as well that special kind of honey you might need - in form of raw material or any specific honey blend.

Just let us know your specifications and let our offer convince you!
Ask us about our organic honey as well!


Dressing- and Sauce Industry
In addition to sweetening honey serving as a natural preservative.

Beverage Industry
Serves as sweetener in juices, spritzer drinks, soft drinks.

Confectionery Industry
Used as sweetener it supports crystallization and serves as intensifier for honey-typical up to fruity tastes just alike.

Cereal Industry
Enhances the nutrition value of the product and the durability of fruits and nuts. Additionally serving as a natural taste intensifier.

General Foodstuff Industry
Honey is an excellent and highly nutritious substitute for sugar and supports to stress the optic brilliance of fruit. And especially in biscuit, stuffings and cake it helps keeping moisture and freshness thus increasing the life span of the product.

Cosmetic IndustryThe great number of different substances as enzymes, vitamin, amino acids and minerals improves body health and fitness.


  • Honey 100% Natural
  • Honey 100 % Organic
                EEC / NOP / JAS
  • FairTrade / FLO-Cert
  • Regular Analyses
                Residues / Microbiology / GMO
  • Bulk
  • Bottled / Packed
  • Tailor Made Blend

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